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Thanks for checking out my site! This is a concept video I filmed with Lily Rader. Most of the videos on this site will be filmed in my green screen setup as I don’t have the capital or man power to be filming on location. Every release will be accompanied with an ASMR interview with the performer that will be posted on our Youtube Channel in the VR180 format.

Go here if you would like to find out how to download the full video. The video is also available for purchase on SexLikeReal. Please check out the trailer, it consists of clips from the full video slowed down to 25% speed.

Trailer Music: Spooky Black – DJ Khaled is my father

Lily Rader is an absolute pleasure to work with. This is actually the second time I got to work with her, the first time was for my first boy/girl shoot back in February 2017. I attempted to do a parody of the show The Expanse but made quite a few filming errors so I never finished editing it. The dialogue also might not have been campy enough to be easily classified as a parody. You can find a clip if you look through my reddit posts.

One of my goals for this site is to showcase the personality of each performer. Please check out the interview with Lily if you haven’t yet. I’d like to hear your feedback. You can download it here or watch it though the Youtube App which is available on the GearVR store, SteamVR store and soon on the Oculus Store (so I heard). In the future these videos will be encoded with spatial audio, unfortunately the right channel was not recorded properly this time around so I didn’t bother with this video.

The footage for this video was filmed in 30fps then interpolated to 60fps. Since the trailer for this is slowed down to 25% speed it would run at 240fps when played back at normal speed. This means 210fps was added in post to the original footage. I did the time dilation and frame interpolation all in one pass which resulted to some serious artifacts and motion blur, this is most obvious around her fingers. Next time I will separate the render into two or three passes to see if it helps with these issues.

As for the sexy stuff, I was thinking of crowdsourcing scripts and offering n months of subscriptions in return. Writing scripts is very time consuming for me and I’m already spread quite thin. I’ll be filming everything on the green screen so writers can get pretty creative with the settings. I actually didn’t even write a script for this shoot, we kinda just winged it. In hindsight that was a bad idea, but at least I was able to experiment with the picture in picture shot. There’s a few more things I’m working on that I’d like to incorporate into my arsenal but they will come in time as my compositing skills improve.

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    Put your feedback on the Lily Rader video here. Please keep the discussion civil and constructive as I will be inviting performers to the forums.

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